A Love Letter to the City

Designed & hand-sewed at a small workshop in Bình Thạnh, Dòng Dòng cherishes to manifest the aesthetics of Sài Gòn, to tell a lovely story about the City.

Dòng Dòng aims to create durable and unique recycled bags with high functionality, raising our little voice for the environment.

“Dòng Dòng”, in Saigon accent, means “to go around”, which is a way to imagine the life cycle of used tarps from old awnings or truck covers to the unique bags on your shoulder.

"Would you like to go around with Dòng Dòng?"

Production Process

Reduce the carbon footprint in every stage

Collect used tarps

Collect used tarps from local awnings, tarpaulins, truck covers stores. Normally, used tarps would have gone straight to the dumpsters. Hence, we often call those occasions of collecting as tarp-rescue trips. Contact us to donate used tarps

Cut & wash

Tarps are washed and cleaned with unharmful substances like antiseptic liquid, vinegar, and baking soda. Indeed, scratches from the tarps' previous life are treated as unique pattern of this weather-resistant material. We don’t try to wash away the story of the tarp itself.

Design & sew

Each product of Dòng Dòng is a unique piece, creatively designed and hand-sewed depending on the colors and patterns of tarps collected. We spend time in details, and once again, prevent tarp leftovers from the process.


Finished products are delivered in bags made from hiflex tarp, also a recycled material collecting from advertising or event banners.